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The web platform entitled "Liaison Office GEOTEE" was developed within the framework of the "GEO-PROMOTION" Project, with the full title «Joint framework for the provision of standardized services to Geotechnical engineers for (e)training on natural risks - civil protection and for promoting access to the labor market». GEO-PROMOTION is funded by the "Territorial Cooperation Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013" Program.

The aim of the project "GEO-PROMOTION" is to meet the requirements of the Open Market and provide guidance towards better coordination of services related to civil protection in both local and the transborder region while targeted on natural disasters and civil protection. This is done by strengthening the competitiveness of human resources (geotechnitians) and by supporting the mobility of professional expertise.

The target groups of the project are:

• Geotechnitians belonging to the Greek and/ or Bulgarian public sector who deal with civil protection services related to natural disasters such as flooding, pollution, forest fires, erosion earthquakes etc.

• Freelance - geotechnicians who offer specialized services related to the above procedures.

• Unemployed geotechnitians who want to improve their skills and competitiveness in the fields related to the provision of services, management and response to natural disasters.

The Liaison Office GEOTEE, aims to promote geotechnitians in the open market. Its functionality includes web services aimed at matching "supply" and "demand" in the open market of the cross-border area.

Specifically, the liaison office is developed through a web application (portal) for the better management of human capital in the geotechnical cross-border region in correspondence with the current market needs. It incorporates criteria as well as a rating scale via classified geotechnical  abilities / skills on natural risks and civil protection issues (common standards of human capital) which resulted from the Action 5.1 and encoded market needs (scenarios career patterns) resulting from Action 5.2.

The web based platform allows prospective employers to seek Geotechnical personnel based on specific and civil protection issues. By creating profiles the geotechnitians (profiles based on graduate, post graduate and working experience criteria) enter the web-platform's career scenarios, which are not static but dynamic, acquiring different classification based on personal criteria.

In other words, the web-based Liaison Office of GEOTEE not only considers a particular company/ organization/ Public Service but allows individualized employee/ employer approaches based on knowledge and skills. It is common knowledge that civil protection services require specialized skills from geotechnitian. This personalization is carried out via the platform's online office interface.

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